My photography website inspiration

Chris Gloag Photography – -047759344495. Chris Gloag is a portrait and lifestyle photographer working in London, specialising in creating photography for advertising, corporate and editorial clients.  I really like Chris’ website, it looks clean and simple and that is the approach I’d like to take with my website. Although he is a different type of photographer than me, I still think his style of website will suit mine. But maybe with some more interesting colour platte choices. I don’t like how Chris’ logo isn’t very visible on every page of his website, this would have help to make me remember him better as a ‘brand’ name.Image

Kelly Ryden – Kelly is a self thought newborn photographer from America. I like the colour platte of this website, it’s simple nature and also the way in which all the images have been layed out and the ‘feel’ of the over all design. I don’t like the ‘muted’ green colour platte choice. 


Heather Mosher Photography – Heather Mosher is a children, newborn, materinatiy and family photographer based in New Jersey and New York. I realy like the use of the images automaticially changing like a ‘slideshow’ in the centre of the page, and the websites simple layout. I don’t like where the logo is possioned and I think it might need to be a little bit larger to be able to see it clearly. Image


Kids Up Close Photography –, Kids Up Close is an photography company which speacialises in family and children photography. I like the clean and simple layout of this website which has been used and I’d like to use this kind of layout for my own photography website. I don’t like the ‘Kids Up Close Photography’ logo and the use of a grey colour platte, I find it a bit too boring for my photography website.Image

Jinky Art Photography – Jinky Art is a photography company which focuses on taking images of children for clients based in Australia. I like how this website opens on its first page with a movie about their photo session. I don’t like the font used in the logo, it seems a bit difficult for me to understand, i also don’t like the colours used in the logo, i find them a bit disstracting. 


Simone Hanckel – Simone is a family portrait photographer based in Australia. I don’t like the use of black and white as the website’s colour choices. Yet I do like the websites simple design.



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