Issuu Portfolio Embed to My Blog and ISSUU Portfolio Discussion/Creative Brief

Creative Brief – Family / Children Portrait Photography ISSUU Folio
What am I communicating?

I would like to be a family / children portrait photographer, capturing client’s families and children at their homes making them very natural, intimate and expressing each of the individuals true emotions and their personality in the images. The need to capture memories that last for people’s entire lives will require a regular update over a number of years, this may generate more business for me with regular clients and establishing a relationship with a client. This ISSUU portfolio that I have created shows my clients what they can except from me for their family/children portrait photography.

Who am I talking to?

I’m talking to all Melbourne families, who are looking for memorable, natural and interesting portraits. I personally find sitting a child or family in front of a black or white backdrop boring and over done, So I like to take images of the family just going about their business as normal at their home to capture the true personalities of each person, this also helps with children because they can get scared or uncomfortable in a different/new place , so having the photo shoot at their home can help them relax and produce better quality images.

What Is their relationship with the category and the product itself?

The images are for the clients themselves, memories which they will have forever, this also works to my advantage because people change and grow older over time and they always like to update their photos and memories of each other which means I can have regular clients over different parts of their lives.

What is the key insight into the target audience?

My target audience in this case are looking to find a professional photographer who offer a bit more than your usual white and black backdrop in a studio photography and are looking for natural and personal images which they will remember always. My audience is Melbourne families.

What is the single minded proposition?

Natural / Personal Family and Children Portrait Photography for Melbourne Families.

Why should they believe us?

I plan on having a website, folio of images, session information and a blog where they can see information not only about me and my photography but exactly what goes on in their photo session and they see examples of my images provided to other clients. This is provided so the client’s will believe I am the correct choice of photographer for their family portraits and they understand the quality and a natural photography style I’ve been talking about.

How should we talk to them?

I think having information on my website, photography face book, photography blog, car stickers, try getting published in the local newspaper or newsletter, having family photography booklets, flyers, adds and business cards would be a great start to getting my information out there for Melbourne families to see and hopefully one day setting up my own photography store.

What is it that we must include?

I must include relevant information that would appeal to my target audience / clients. I have to get them excited and interested in what I have to offer and include things that are different to other photographers.

What are some ‘creative starters’?

I think creating my website, blog, flyers and mini folios / books is a good way to start building up information to get out to my target audience.


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